A truly transformative body of work in every aspect of the word. Megan's serise Succession translates with conviction the vulnerability and resilience that resides within us all.

The creation of the series Succession coincides with a pivotal time in her life. A crossroads so-to-speak, what was her actual life's reality?

Her courage in facing a lifetime of nurtured truths was terrifying but identifying the blind spots was empowering and surged her faith in perseverance.

Navigating through the marine layer that clouded her perspective for years was a process woven with suspicion and insecurity.

The process developed a beautiful understanding of the composition of life.

The focus of these images is subtle, yet captivating. The depth of perspective is felt both visually and emotionally. The colors evoke an element of fluidity that resonate with a painter's brushstroke.

Megan's Succession series embraces the strength in vulnerability.

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