About the Studio

The historic downtown of San Pedro has been renting to artists since 1944, with studios as storefronts and studios in warehouses alike. For 20 years the waterfront port town has hosted a First Thursday ArtWalk, and was one of the first in the region. 

Thousands of South Bay residents and Angelenos show up every First Thursday of the month to celebrate the arts, patronize restaurants and food trucks, stroll in and out of the galleries, and embrace the vibrant local scene. 

Over the past several decades, San Pedro has been transformed from a heavy industrial zone to a beautiful area with recreational, artistic, and historical opportunities. 

Studio Three Four Seven is home to Megan Mickael Images but is also available to rent for popup shows, artist's solo and group shows, special events and filming. 

Studio Three Four Seven

347 West 7th Street

San Pedro, CA

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