CONCRETE: to form into a solid mass : solidify. b. : combine, blend. 2. : to make actual or real : cause to take on the qualities of reality.

A “solid mass” of Aged beauty, bathed and battered by Mother Nature, transformed by Human Nature. The irony is tactile as one may say Mother Nature was battered and bathed by concrete.

The sheer weight grit, and texture is obvious, but upon further and closer examination it’s exposure has revealed a new and honorable beauty that is only achieved by the hand of time.

This unimagined beauty plastered and painted everywhere you look, however most often overlooked.

The unpredictable, and unexpected is a natural draw for me.

My series “Captured Landscapes” aims to highlight the unforeseen beauty of its’ formation and actualization. Letting light play tricks on the crude and stained and making it shine through with optimism and relentless silver linings.

Untamed. Unapologetic. Poetic and complicated.

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